Thank you, I appreciate it. Yeah this seemed to describe so much of what I had been through I almost wondered if you were another ex of the same guy.

I hear you on the difference between narcissistic traits and Narcissism as a diagnosis/disorder, and it’s something I have struggled with before. all I can say is…well I really wish we didn’t use the one word for two different things, and it sure doesn’t help that everyone seems to be trying to diagnose everyone else as a Narcissist, so we’re losing the usefulness of the word in both contexts! So I guess if you feel like you need to use that word, I think it would be really great to be super explicit up front about the fact that that’s how you’re using it, and not in a diagnostic sense.

Thank you! And thank you for listening to/witnessing my story. And I’m so sorry you experienced what you did.

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Co-author, More Than Two and Black Iron. Founder, Talk Science to Me Inc., and publisher, Thorntree Press. Lekwungen territory.

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