I just want to say something about restorative justice. We like to talk a lot about restorative justice, but as I speak to more and more people who do this in a professional capacity, who have experience with it, what I’m learning is that restorative justice tends to not work in the case of sexual violence or intimate partner abuse, especially involving cisgender men. My local RJ agency turns away most cases involving men who have abused partners, because the tendency is for the men to manipulate the process and revictimize the survivors. To be honest, the fact that most people trying to do restorative or transformative justice in alt communities don’t even know this, or aren’t aware of it as a land mine, tells you just how completely unqualified most of the folks trying to do it are.

These are the 601-level processes, the most difficult of already difficult work, and we have 101-level people doing them, and it’s causing a lot of harm. I’m not sure what to do about that.

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Co-author, More Than Two and Black Iron. Founder, Talk Science to Me Inc., and publisher, Thorntree Press. Lekwungen territory.

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